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Carringbush Reading Series

The Carringbush Reading Series features stories and language from everyday life that are relevant to adult English language and literacy learners living in Australia. The books in the series are designed to be used as reading resources and as tools in the classroom to accompany lessons on themes such a daily routines, going to a GP appointment, employment pathways and other topics.

The stories

To download the stories, please follow the links below:


Carringbooks is an interactive story app developed by Carringbush that is available for free, currently on all iOS and soon to be available on Android devices. The app mirrors all the stories available as PDFs and includes added functions that allow learners to listen to the sentences, language chunks and individual words. The app features voice-overs from speakers for whom English is an additional language, providing learners with opportunities to listen to a variety of models of English.

Available on iOS and Android devices